The Let’s Move! campaign was launched in February by First Lady Michelle Obama with the hopes of raising  a generation of healthier children. This campaign focuses on the possibility of a healthy generation by education families, schools, and youth on healthy living. With the implementation of four steps, Michelle Obama, along with hundreds of celebrity advocates, as well as the Surgeon General, Regina M. Benjamin, hopes to see a major shift in our society. This shift is one that allows all children to grow up with the option to live a healthy lifestyle as they deserve. Because healthy is Be. YOU. Tiful!

Four steps to the Let’s Move! campaign:

  1. Make healthy choices. This step provides parents with the tools they need to make changes.
  2. Healthier food in schools. Many children eat school provided meals, so providing children with healthy, well-balanced meals will allow for this shift and implement values in children and help them make healthy choices.
  3. Access to healthy, affordable food. Millions of Americans cannot afford or are not provided the option to eat a plethora of healthy foods, so increasing the accessibility in a necessity to put all Americans on the same playing field.
  4. Increase physical activity. Children are not moving nearly as much as they should be. An increase in physical education and physical activity is key.

Pop singer Beyoncé provided the theme music for the campaign. She and her choreographer, Frank Gatson, even created a dance that everyone can learn. Watch and listen to it here!

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon got in on the fon, too!

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