The issues are so deeply-rooted in our society such that it is difficult to pinpoint a specific cause of why the issue is complex in the first place.  The main stakeholders can definitely lessen the complexity of the adaptive challenges; however, it would require a mass revolution to change the way society views beauty. Despite, the overriding definition of beauty and self-image propagated by the media, everyone has their definition of what is considered beautiful and of what an ideal and normal body image looks like. Stakeholders such as Michele Obama and Dove have different methods of campaigning and promoting real beauty and healthy self-images.

Final Complexity Map

Moreover, everyone has a different opinion and priorities in terms of what the central problems in our society are, some say we need to concentrate on mental health, others sexual well-being among others. The media has molded and cultivated a deep-rooted image of what ideal beauty is in America. It is difficult to change this and look for answers. However, we could challenge the notion by asking complex questions that work to generate discourse. These questions should make people feel uncomfortable in order for them to reflect and want change so what we are doing is essentially shedding light on the issue and bringing up questions and topics that are otherwise not a part of our everyday conversations.

Who are the Stakeholders? —>


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